My Day in the Life fr. Master Carlo... :)

I feel sad when I hurt her feelings very much because of what I said… I had lost a sister from Thailand who loved Filipinos so much… :(
So many memories had kept for already 2 years and 5 months. ;(
If I had something that I said… that caused her a lot of hurt, I apologize… I know, that somehow, someday… she would accept my forgiveness.
Maybe not here on my blog, but elsewhere. And I know, she’ll forget the hurting I caused and move on, and will continue to be connected as best friends and brother-and-sister like, and wishing to keep my friendship with her, forever. :(

And… promising that this thing will never happen again.

Visiting my Thai sister’s Tumblr :)

Visiting my Thai sister’s Tumblr :)




Garlic is very pungent, but only a small amount of this smelly substance is needed to stimulate the natural liver enzymes that help the body flush out toxins. It also contains a lot of allicin and selenium, which aid in liver cleansing.



If you’ve had a rough…

It’s a parody of Balitang 60 and spoofing the news anchors of 3 major TV networks Ted Failon, Ben Tulfo and Jessica Soho… :D

(Screenshot from #TropaMokoUnli) :D

I hope that Ted and Jessica notice this… since the Tulfo brothers knew about their spoof of T3 :D


Capturing the Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

To view more photos and videos of cherry blossoms and hanami parties throughout Japan, browse the #, #花見 and #お花見 hashtags on Instagram.

In Japan, sakura (桜), or cherry blossoms, stand as the symbolic flower of spring and start appearing all over the country as the seasons change. During this season, rows of cherry trees with their pastel-pink crowns transform the country and shower the streets in falling petals. People go out to gardens, streets and parks for hanami (花見), or flower viewing, to appreciate the beauty of the cherry blossoms and the mild weather after the long, cold winter. Often, hanami involves picnicking in the best sakura locations and enjoying food and drinks with friends under cherry trees. The blooming of sakura begins from the south around late March and spreads northward through the beginning of May.

Want to see more photos and videos from some of the most famous sakura locations in Japan? Explore the location pages below:

When Melanie greets Ohayou gozaimasu… Paul says Bukayo ug singkamas. :D

Sounds funny, isn’t it? :D